Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Second Week of Congressional Hearings Increases Pressure on Trump

US President Donald Trump faces the threat of further testimony that could hurt him in the second week of public hearings of the investigation prior to a possible impeachment process in the House of Representatives.
The tweet published yesterday by Trump, which indicated that he could attend to testify, had no impact on the calendar that the House Intelligence Committee has planned for this week, with nine witnesses convened.
The most important is that of Gordon Sondland, the American ambassador to the European Union. He reportedly transmitted to the Ukrainian government Trump's request that Kiev seek compromising information to use against former Vice President Joe Biden, one of the Democratic presidential favorites of the White House race in 2020.
Hearings also include diplomats who have been sabbathed behind closed doors in the House.
In their statement, these officials stated that Trump and Sondland repeatedly pressured Kiev to open an investigation against Biden. To increase the pressure, the White House reportedly withheld nearly $ 400 million in defense aid and conditioned a visit to Ukraine's President Volodimir Zelenski's White House to obtain this information.
In a letter sent to her co-religionists on Monday, Mayor Democrat Nancy Pelosi said Trump had behaved in response to "extortion and bribery."
"The facts are indisputable," he said.
- Trump may testify in writing -
Heading to become the third US president to be impeached, Trump said yesterday morning on Twitter that he "seriously" considers testifying to defend himself against the charges.
The US president has said that while he has done “nothing wrong” and does not want to give credence to the process he once again called “witch hunt”, he is already considering witnessing.
"She said she could do it in writing," he added, referring to Pelosi's statements over the weekend.
Analysts were skeptical and said the likelihood that Trump actually attended was low. During the day there was no movement in this direction - neither from the White House nor from Congress.
This week there are nine witnesses summoned.
Today, they have given testimony Jennifer Williams, aide to Vice President Mike Pence, and Alexander Vindman, Ukraine Specialist on the National Security Council.
Both heard Trump's controversial phone call to Zelenski on July 25, in which the Republican allegedly pressured his Ukrainian colleague to launch an investigation against Biden.
In an open session for the first time, the two said they were surprised and worried about Trump's requests.
Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman reported being so alarmed by what he heard that he reported the "inadequate" discussion to the National Security Council attorneys "for a sense of duty."
Jennifer Williams said she rated Trump's reference to Biden in his phone call with President Zelensky as "unusual" when it came to domestic policy.
In the afternoon, testimonials are scheduled from former Ukraine Special Envoy Kurt Volker, who resigned in September, and security adviser Timothy Morrison.
This week, Democrats can complete the investigation phase and begin preparing the evidence collected to send it to the House Judiciary Commission. This is the committee in charge of writing the charges in the impeachment process.
A poll published yesterday shows that 51% of Americans believe that Trump should be subjected to a congressional suit and dismissed. This represents an advance from the 48% who supported this option before public hearings

Sex boosts immunity and reduces risk of heart disease

That having sex is good everybody knows. But not everyone is aware that an active and enjoyable sex life can do very well for the health of both men and women. "The benefits are many and in many areas,"
People who have sex once or twice a week have up to 30% higher levels of immunoglobulin A, which boosts the immune system and helps fight off infections like colds and flu. Sex also improves sleep, as it stimulates oxytocin, which at high levels helps you sleep better.
Making love also reduces the risk of heart disease. Research has found that men who have sex two or more times a week cut their risk of developing heart disease in half. Another study found that women who enjoy sex live longer. The skin also gets better. This was the conclusion of a study by scientists from Queens University (UK). According to the researchers, reaching orgasm increases the levels of estrogen, testosterone and other hormones linked to the shine and texture of the skin and hair.
"And there are many other positive effects, such as burning calories. In addition to relieving stress, as endorphins released during sex help relieve tension. And of course, brings pleasure and happiness,

US has more detained children in the world, UN study shows

The United States has the largest number of children in detention, including more than 100,000 cases of immigration-related children in custody who violate international conventions, the author of a United Nations study said on Monday.
Worldwide, more than 7 million people under the age of 18 are in prison and in police custody, including 330,000 in detention centers for immigrants, independent expert Manfred Nowak said.
Children should be detained only as a measure of last resort and for the shortest possible time, according to the Global Study on Children Deprived of Liberty.
"The United States is one of the countries with the largest numbers, we still have over 100,000 children in immigration-related detention in the United States," Nowak said in a statement.
"Of course, separating children from their parents, including young children, as was done by the Trump government on the Mexican border with the United States is absolutely prohibited by the Convention on the Rights of the Child. I would classify it as inhuman treatment for both parents and children. children."
There was no immediate reaction from the US authorities.
Novak said US officials did not respond to his questionnaire sent to all countries.
The researcher said the United States had ratified important international treaties such as those guaranteeing civil and political rights and prohibiting torture, but it was the only country that did not ratify the children's rights pact.


Saturday, November 16, 2019

Bill Gates is once again the richest person in the world

Microsoft founder Bill Gates outnumbered Jeff Bezos of Amazon as the richest person in the world. The ranking made Gates take first place for the first time in the Bloomberg ranking in over two years.
The survey shows that Gates increased his equity by $ 19.5 billion in the year 2019. Bezos fell by $ 16.2 billion in the same period. So the owner of Microsoft now has a fortune of $ 110 billion, Bezos of $ 109 billion.
The regaining of Microsoft's founder leadership is mainly due to the recent wave of gains seen in his company's stock. Over the past three weeks, the company's stock has accumulated a high of 6.1 percent, bringing the company's market value to $ 1.14 trillion.
Frenchman Bernard Arnault came in third with a fortune worth $ 103 billion. Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg, Amancio Ortega, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Charles Koch and Julia Koch complete the list of the top ten billionaires on the planet.

Friday, November 15, 2019

Bloomberg Spends $ 100 Million on Advertising Against Trump

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has not yet officially confirmed whether or not he will be a candidate in the 2020 elections, but on Friday, 15, he launched a $ 100 million ad campaign against US President Donald Trump .
The billionaire, the eighth largest fortune in the world according to Forbes magazine , confirmed in a tweet the launch of the campaign, initially announced by his adviser Howard Wolfson to The New York Times .
Digital advertisements, which do not mention Bloomberg but focus on criticism of Trump, run in four key states in the White House race: Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Voters in these places often alternate their votes, and sometimes elect Republican presidents, sometimes Democrats.
A Bloomberg spokesman said last week that the former mayor is considering running for the Democratic Party's nomination because he is concerned about the race's direction and fears a Trump victory. The billionaire considers former Vice President Joe Biden's candidacy weak and sees Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders as too radical.
Although he did not formally announce his entry into the dispute, his aides eventually filled in the required documents for Bloomberg to compete in the Alabama State primaries in March.

Trump ally Roger Stone is convicted of lying to the US Congress

Political advisor was investigated for involvement in spreading stolen Democratic Party documents with WikiLeaks aid in 2016 elections

Roger Stone , longtime friend and campaign adviser to President Donald Trump , was convicted on Friday, 15. The political adviser was found guilty of seven crimes in an investigation into Russian influence in the 2016 elections. Prosecutors alleged that he lied to lawmakers about his involvement with WikiLeaks, coerced witnesses and obstructed a House Intelligence Committee investigation into the case by refusing to hand over the requested documents.
Stone was arrested in January, but later released on bail for his involvement in disclosing thousands of stolen Democratic Party documents in 2016 to bolster the Republican White House campaign. He would have used WikiLeaks to perform the task. Stone, 67, was indicted as part of the investigation conducted by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.
Stone and Trump have been friends for three decades. He was Trump's formal advisor in 2015 and in subsequent years kept in touch with the then Republican candidate and his collaborators. Prior to the 2016 elections, he was in contact with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, whom he considered "a hero."
In the case of the Democrats' data leak, Stone has always denied contact with Russia and WikiLeaks. But US intelligence agents proved that he had exchanged messages with “Guccifer 2.0,” a Twitter profile used by Russian military personnel. Among the leaked documents in 2015 were the personal emails of then-Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton from the time she was secretary of state. The former senator used personal accounts - rather than those provided by the State Department, with a high level of security - to handle her official duties. Stone has been considered a "hotspot" for WikiLeaks.
The political adviser's lawyers deny that he lied to Congress, or that he tried to protect Donald Trump in any way during the investigations.
In his investigation, Mueller found no evidence that Trump's campaign or the Republican himself acted directly with Russia during the elections. The prosecutor, however, said he was the victim of several attempts by the president to end his investigation. Despite the finding, he said formally accusing Trump was not an option to consider, as the Justice Department is not allowed to prosecute an incumbent president. Still, the Constitution provides for the possibility for Congress to initiate an impeachment process.

Trump is currently the subject of a lawsuit overturning his mandate led by House Democrats for his involvement in another scandal involving Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.

Friday, November 8, 2019

Police riot in Bolivia and Morales denounces 'ongoing coup'

Police units in the cities of La Paz, Santa Cruz, Sucre and Cochabamba rebelled Friday against the controversial electoral victory of President Evo Morales, who denounced an ongoing "coup" in Bolivia.
The revolt began in Cochabamba, when a policeman with a covered face announced at Tactical Operations Unit Headquarters: "We are mutineers."
Another police officer added, "We will be with the people, not the generals."
In Sucre, the capital of Chuquisaca, police officers then announced their support for the revolt. "We cannot go on with this 'narcogovernment', with this unjust democracy."
Santa Cruz command agents shut down the unit and several police officers climbed to the roof of the building with Bolivian flags, such as the rebels in Cochabamba, and on Friday night the revolt was joined by several La Paz garrisons.
Morales responded by denouncing an “ongoing” coup d'état after meeting with part of his cabinet.
“Brothers and sisters, our democracy is at risk of a coup d'état set in motion by violent violations of constitutional order. We denounce to the international community this attack on the rule of law, ”the left-wing president tweeted.
"I call upon our people to peacefully take care of democracy and the CPE (State Political Constitution) to preserve peace and life as supreme assets, above all political interests."
Defense Minister Javier Zavaleta said the government would not order a military operation against the angry policemen.
"There will be no military operation at this time, this is totally ruled out," Zavaleta told reporters about the mutineers.
- Police with protesters -
Thousands of protesters went to police units in La Paz, Potosí, Cochabamba and Trinidad to encourage police to revolt.
The rebellion gained momentum with TV footage of police officers atop the Cochabamba UTOP police barracks building as dozens of young opponents huddled around, hailing them from the street.
On Avenida Prado, La Paz's main, dozens of police joined opposition protesters late on Friday to demand Morales leave.
In several neighborhoods of La Paz, police officers returned to their barracks while the crowd shouted, "Policeman, friend, the people are with you."
Protesters gathered outside the La Paz Military College to urge students to join the crusade for Morales' resignation.
In Obrajes, south of La Paz, people celebrated the police revolt as if it were a victory for the Bolivian national team, an AFP journalist noted.
- Emotion -
Today the most visible and radical face of the Bolivian opposition, regional leader Luis Fernando Camacho thanked the police and said he was moved.
“I cried with emotion. Great for our police, ”Camacho tweeted. “Thank you for standing by the people. God bless them".
In recent hours, reports have circulated of military complaints and claims against Cochabamba Police Commander Raúl Grandy of mistreatment and leaning in favor of ruling protesters during street clashes against opponents.
In the last conflict on Thursday, one dead and 80 to 90 injured were reported during the clashes. According to unofficial versions, the police were ordered by Grandy to crack down on opposition protesters and favor President Morales' group of followers.
- Roadblocks in La Paz -
Initiated in Santa Cruz, the protests were gradually spreading throughout the country and, for the first time, this Friday, a crowd took to the streets of La Paz, headquarters of the Executive and Legislative Powers.
Several southern avenues were blocked. Buses, minibuses, and taxis moved for short stretches, and only the (public) cable car normally rode its ten lines.
Around the Great House of the People, the tower where the Morales Executive headquarters are located in central La Paz, a large security device prevented the passage of protesters. The building has been surrounded by the crowd for the last three nights.
The 29-story building adjacent to the Quemado Palace, the historic government house, was also protected by miners and peasants allied with the president.
Several organizations and social collectives have joined Camacho, forming a broad front against Morales, something the opposing parties failed to do for the October 20 elections. The opposition came to the polls with eight presidential candidates.
Camacho, leader of the powerful Pro-Santa Cruz Civic Committee (right), said he would personally bring a letter of resignation to Morales next Monday. It intends to go with other political and social leaders.
Minister Zavaleta has ruled out that Morales will welcome him.
The 60-year-old indigenous president, in power since 2006, ignores the opposition's claims that he accuses him of electoral “fraud”.
The opposition demands his departure, the annulment of the elections and a new dispute without Morales as a candidate. The president countered, claiming the election was clean, and demanded that the results be respected.

Former NY mayor Michael Bloomberg may run for president in 2020

Billionaire must play Democratic primaries; Bloomberg said he is skeptical that current candidates will beat Donald Trump

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is considering running for the Democratic Party nomination for the United States presidency in 2020. According to a spokesman, the billionaire is concerned about the direction of the race because he considers Joe Biden too moderate and Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren very radical.
Bloomberg, the media mogul and philanthropist who has served three terms as mayor of the largest city in the United States, is skeptical that any of the current Democratic candidates will defeat President Donald Trump in next year's general election, the spokesman said. Howard Wolfson in a statement.
"Mike is increasingly concerned that the current group of candidates is not well placed to" defeat Trump, Wolfson said.
Bloomberg, 77, is due this week to present documentation for the Democratic presidential primary in Alabama, which requires registration well in advance. That would keep your options open for a possible White House bid.

The Democratic camp, now with 17 candidates, has been converging on four names, according to recent polls: Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, who represent the party's progressive wing, and former Vice President Joe Biden and Mayor Pete Buttiieg of South Bend, Indiana, representing the most moderate wing.
Bloomberg, chief executive of Bloomberg LP, was mayor of New York from 2002 to 2013 and has served as one of the leading advocates and philanthropists on issues of climate change and armed violence.
"If Mike competes, he will offer Democrats a new option based on a unique track record, running the largest city in the United States, building a business from scratch and facing some of America's toughest challenges as a high impact philanthropist," said Wolfson.
"Mike would be able to fight Trump and win," he added.

Second Week of Congressional Hearings Increases Pressure on Trump US President Donald Trump faces the threat of further testimony that ...