Monday, December 9, 2019

Oceans lose oxygen and have 700 'dead zones'

Research from the International Union for Conservation of Nature is presented at COP-25 in Madrid

The scientific organization International Union for Conservation of Nature has concluded that the loss of oxygen in the oceans has reached unprecedented levels and that at least 700 areas have been classified as “dead zones”. The conclusion of this research was presented this Saturday, 7, at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change ( COP-25 ) in Madrid.
In the 1960s, researchers recorded the presence of 45 dead zones, a 400% increase in half a century. Oceans are expected to lose 3-4% of their storage requirements by the end of the century.
According to The Guardian , the executive director of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Grethel Aguilar, argued that the issue was among the priorities in the COP-25 discussions. The situation poses risks to all marine species, particularly large ones, and already interferes with fishing and the survival of coastal communities.
“As warmed oceans lose oxygen, the delicate balance of marine life collapses,” said Aguilar.
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has also warned that the oceans are 26% more acidic due to the absorption of larger amounts of carbon dioxide, and subject to pollutants - especially plastic waste - and exploitation. fishing above recommended.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Evidence is 'overwhelming', says impeachment report against Trump

From Wednesday, the process is now led by the Judiciary Committee of the House

The House Intelligence Committee report on the impeachment process opened by the house against U.S. President Donald Trump was released on Tuesday, 3. According to the document, headed by Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, the "evidence of the president's misconduct is overwhelming."
The report is the result of the Committee's investigation, which began in September, to investigate Trump's participation in the campaign of pressure on ukraine's government. The U.S. president is accused of trying to coerce eastern European officials to investigate Democratic pre-candidate for the 2020 election, Joe Biden.
In total, the Committee held more than 100 hours of testimony from 17 witnesses, including 12 testified in seven hearings broadcast to the public live in November.
As of Wednesday, Wednesday, 4, the impeachment process is now led by the House Judiciary Committee and its chairman, also Democrat Jerrold Nadler, to examine whether Trump would have violated the U.S. Constitution.

Monday, December 2, 2019

Trump refuses invitation to attend impeachment hearing

President's lawyers accuse the House of Representatives of conducting unfair prosecution but have not declined to attend sessions in the future

US President Donald Trump and his lawyers will not attend the first public hearing on impeachment to which they have been invited by the House of Representatives, the White House announced Sunday.
After two months of investigation, the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee begins on Wednesday 4 the legal debate to determine if the allegations against the president are serious enough to justify the opening of a political trial.
Trump was invited to attend in person , through his lawyers or by sending written questions to the witnesses. But the White House rejected the invitation.
"They cannot expect us to participate fairly in a hearing when witnesses are yet to be appointed and while it remains unclear whether the Judiciary Committee will allow the president a fair trial through additional hearings," wrote White House lawyer Pat Cipollone, in a letter to Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler.
“Under the current circumstances we do not intend to attend your hearing on Wednesday. But if they really decide to do a fair process in the future, we could consider participating, ”he added.
Trump is in the midst of a political storm because he has asked Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden, one of his potential opponents in the 2020 presidential election and whose son was on the board of a large gas company in eastern Europe.
The Republican president says he was entitled to report a possible case of corruption and claims that he did not exert any pressure on Kiev.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Scientists announce new treatment for insomnia

Study indicates suvorexant has similar results to insomnia medications, but has the advantage of having very few side effects

Japanese researchers have announced a new medication for treating insomnia: suvorexant . Unlike medications available to control sleep disorder, this drug has a targeted effect, that is, it affects only sleep-related organ functions. The study demonstrating the advantages of the drug was published this month in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).
According to experts, hypnotics are commonly used as a treatment for insomnia . However, by acting to inhibit generic neurotransmitters, they can affect many neurons in the brain and spinal cord, including those not involved in sleep. Because of this, the use of this type of medication can have worrying side effects, such as the inability to respond to stimuli during sleep. This means that in an emergency situation, such as a fire in the middle of the night, for example, the person will have difficulty reacting. 
For researchers, this is the main advantage of suvorexant: It acts only on brain receptors involved in sleep, such as orexin receptors . Therefore, brain regions that do not produce this substance will not be affected by the medication.
The news is good news for those who suffer from insomnia and the debilitating side effects of medications. In Brazil, for example, about 73 million people face the problem, according to the Brazilian Sleep Association (ABS).
To reach this conclusion, scientists at Tsukuba University in Japan recruited 30 men, who were divided into three groups: the first was medicated with suvorexant; the second with brotizolam (a hypnotic); and the third received placebo. After taking the medications, the participants went to sleep. After 90 minutes of sleep, the researchers woke up the volunteers to test their cognitive and physical functioning. 
The results showed that  suvorexant caused less impaired body balance upon waking compared with brotizolam. The team believes this effect is associated with a part of the brain called the cerebellum , whose main function is maintaining balance. This is because in this region there are no orexin receptors, responsible for promoting lack of sleep and therefore is not affected by suvorexant. Since the brotizolam acts on the production of GABA A receptors, which are produced in the cerebellum. For this reason, it impairs balance and response to stimuli. 
Based on this analysis, scientists have concluded that suvorexant is as effective as hypnotics used to treat insomnia, and has the advantage of fewer side effects.
Although the results are important, this substance is not yet available in Brazil.

Johnson urges Trump not to get involved in British election

US president will visit London next week for NATO meeting; elections are scheduled for December 12

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Friday that it would be better for US President Donald Trump not to be involved in the British election when he visits London for the Atlantic Treaty Organization summit. North (NATO) next week. "What we traditionally do not do, as dear allies and friends, is to get involved in each other's election campaigns," said Johnson, whose Conservative Party leads opinion polls before the December 12 general election.
Major polls show that Johnson's conservatives are expected to win around 359 seats in Parliament, giving the party a comfortable majority. Analysts predict a conservative victory will give Johnson more chances to approve his Brexit plan - as the process of removing the United Kingdom from the European Union is known - in the British Parliament by the end of January.
President Jair Bolsonaro went through a similar situation about a month ago. On October 29, Bolsonaro said in an interview supporting the then Uruguayan presidential candidate Luis Lacalle Pou. The Uruguayan  rejected the support two days later, saying that interference by foreign leaders in other countries " is not a good thing." 

DiCaprio denies passing on money to Bolsonaro-attacked NGO

President accused the actor of funding an organization that "set" fire in the Amazon

The accusations made by President Jair Bolsonaro against American actor Leonardo DiCaprio have not been left unanswered. On Friday, 29, Bolsonaro accused the Hollywood star and environmental activist of funding non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that would have set the Amazon on fire The actor, who is the founder of a foundation and a member of the Earth Alliance , denied that he had given any money to WWF, the NGO accused by the president.
"While they are certainly worth supporting, we do not fund organizations that are currently under attack," DiCaprio said in a statement published by the news agencies. “The future of these irreplaceable ecosystems is at stake and I'm proud to be part of the groups that protect them.” In the note, he praised “the people of Brazil who work to save their natural and cultural heritage”.
WWF also said it did not receive donations from the actor, whose Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation focuses on environmental projects.
Bolsonaro's statement, given at the entrance to the Dawn Palace on Friday, went around the world. Speaking to a group of voters, the president said that the recent fires in ParĂ¡ were criminally motivated. "Now Leonardo DiCaprio is a nice guy, isn't he?" “Giving money to set fire to the Amazon.”
Several vehicles have questioned the truth of what the president said. The British The Guardian called the attack "spurious accusation." "The president of Brazil has not offered evidence," he pointed out in one article. The newspaper also recalled that the statement came "24 hours after Bolsonaro made an equally unfounded claim to a live Facebook feed."

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Second Week of Congressional Hearings Increases Pressure on Trump

US President Donald Trump faces the threat of further testimony that could hurt him in the second week of public hearings of the investigation prior to a possible impeachment process in the House of Representatives.
The tweet published yesterday by Trump, which indicated that he could attend to testify, had no impact on the calendar that the House Intelligence Committee has planned for this week, with nine witnesses convened.
The most important is that of Gordon Sondland, the American ambassador to the European Union. He reportedly transmitted to the Ukrainian government Trump's request that Kiev seek compromising information to use against former Vice President Joe Biden, one of the Democratic presidential favorites of the White House race in 2020.
Hearings also include diplomats who have been sabbathed behind closed doors in the House.
In their statement, these officials stated that Trump and Sondland repeatedly pressured Kiev to open an investigation against Biden. To increase the pressure, the White House reportedly withheld nearly $ 400 million in defense aid and conditioned a visit to Ukraine's President Volodimir Zelenski's White House to obtain this information.
In a letter sent to her co-religionists on Monday, Mayor Democrat Nancy Pelosi said Trump had behaved in response to "extortion and bribery."
"The facts are indisputable," he said.
- Trump may testify in writing -
Heading to become the third US president to be impeached, Trump said yesterday morning on Twitter that he "seriously" considers testifying to defend himself against the charges.
The US president has said that while he has done “nothing wrong” and does not want to give credence to the process he once again called “witch hunt”, he is already considering witnessing.
"She said she could do it in writing," he added, referring to Pelosi's statements over the weekend.
Analysts were skeptical and said the likelihood that Trump actually attended was low. During the day there was no movement in this direction - neither from the White House nor from Congress.
This week there are nine witnesses summoned.
Today, they have given testimony Jennifer Williams, aide to Vice President Mike Pence, and Alexander Vindman, Ukraine Specialist on the National Security Council.
Both heard Trump's controversial phone call to Zelenski on July 25, in which the Republican allegedly pressured his Ukrainian colleague to launch an investigation against Biden.
In an open session for the first time, the two said they were surprised and worried about Trump's requests.
Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman reported being so alarmed by what he heard that he reported the "inadequate" discussion to the National Security Council attorneys "for a sense of duty."
Jennifer Williams said she rated Trump's reference to Biden in his phone call with President Zelensky as "unusual" when it came to domestic policy.
In the afternoon, testimonials are scheduled from former Ukraine Special Envoy Kurt Volker, who resigned in September, and security adviser Timothy Morrison.
This week, Democrats can complete the investigation phase and begin preparing the evidence collected to send it to the House Judiciary Commission. This is the committee in charge of writing the charges in the impeachment process.
A poll published yesterday shows that 51% of Americans believe that Trump should be subjected to a congressional suit and dismissed. This represents an advance from the 48% who supported this option before public hearings

Oceans lose oxygen and have 700 'dead zones' Research from the International Union for Conservation of Nature is presented at COP...