Friday, April 15, 2016

Our Politics Enables Donald Trump to Lie and Get Away With It

Our Politics Enables Donald Trump to Lie and Get Away With It: Donald Trump.
Donald Trump has a yuuge problem with the truth. During a recent one-hour town hall on CNN, he told more than a lie a minute, according to Huffington Post. Trump spouts bs about his opponents, about his staff, about his record, about his opponents’ records. We’ve reached a moment in his campaign where it might be surprising if the truth accidentally came out of his mouth.
The truth about Donald Trump’s ability to lie is that he has identified a flaw in our political system, one used for years by those with an interest in hacking our republic for ideological gain. If you can create a world of two coexisting and contradictory truths, then there is no way to tell a lie.
The New York TimesCNNTheWashington Post—they are all part of the liberal media machine. This isolates conservative news seekers to Fox News, conservative talk radio,, or even websites further out on the fringe such as World Net Daily.
This is exactly the goal of modern political tactics. Bog down debate on already settled or tangential issues to avoid the real questions that need to be dealt with. In the case of issues like global warming, this allows broad swaths of the public to ignore a crisis at hand and in the case of Donald Trump, it distracts voters from recognizing his ignorance on a host of issues.

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