Saturday, September 17, 2016

Like Father Like Son: Where Donald Trump Jr. Got His Affinity For Holocau

 Donald Trump Jr. has sort-of apologized for making a casual holocaust joke this week, but, it turns out, he was merely following the example his father, Donald Trump Sr., has set over the years.
Barbara Res, a former close aide to the GOP presidential candidate at the Trump Organization, said Thursday that the brash businessman regularly “joked about gas chambers and ovens.”
Trump Jr. recently complained to a local radio station that the media was giving Hillary Clinton soft treatment, despite a long list of alleged misdeeds. “If Republicans were doing that, they’d be warming up the gas chamber right now,” he quipped. Trump Jr. has since acknowledged he used “a poor choice of words, perhaps.”
Res, who has been critical of Trump’s treatment of women, made her allegation on Twitter in an exchange with Josh Nathan-Kazis, a reporter with Forward magazine.She has since deleted her tweet. The Huffington Post spoke with Res, who has been described as the “original, real-life apprentice,” but she declined to comment on her tweet. Res said she decided after posting the tweet that she did not want to jump into the political fray at the moment. She had spent nearly two decades as a close aide to Trump.
The holocaust “joke” from Trump isn’t surprising. His campaign has been shot through with racism and assorted bigotry. As a result, he has won the backing of Louisiana Senate candidate David Duke, a leading white supremacist, anti-semite and former senior member of the Ku Klux Klan, along with many of Duke’s deplorable supporters.
Racism seems to run in the Trump family. Police arrested the former reality TV personality’s father, Fred Trump, during a klan riot in Queens, New York City, in 1927, according to a New York Times article from the time.

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