Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Trump Wonder Woman: Kellyanne Fights, Knocks and Leads

The advisor who appears all the time on TV is not intimidated by anything, nor by the parallel reality. And it complicated the life of Tom Brady
What woman would think of interrupting a blowup between two boards just on the boss's glory day? The ubiquitous Kellyanne Conway not only interfered in the flip-flops, which took place at one of the celebratory dances of Donald Trump's possession but delivered three punches in the face of one of the brigands.  The source is trustworthy, Charles Gasparino, an economics commentator for Fox News and sympathizer of the new government, unlike a vast majority of the rest of the press.

Gasparino, a heavy workout addict with gigantic arms, was impressed: "Nobody was injured, the guy Kellyanne punched. Now I know why Trump hired her. " Apparently, those involved were invited - friends or relatives - from Kellyanne. Hence the urgent need to put them on the line. Rhetorical pancake is the specialty of this woman of 50 years, long blond hair, lots of makeup, four children and inexhaustible ability to defend the boss. Even, or perhaps especially, when he gets into situations that seem indefensible.

The latest case was when she told presenter Chuck Todd that Trump's spokesman was presenting "alternative facts" when he defended the chief's version of the record size of the public present at the time.
Pouncing metaphoric smoke through his ears, Todd, a militant anti-trumpist who behaved without too much exaggeration in the interview, snorted: "Alternative facts are not facts. They are fakes. "

The main attribution of spokesmen is precise to present the most positive version, for those who represent, of the facts - including alternative facts. The problem is to say that, as Kellyanne did.  
A problem from the point of view of those who expect some logic by tempering the masqueraders' lies. For those who expect an imperturbable combativeness, capable of responding to all provocations, even with arguments of parallel reality, Kellyanne is the answer.

The woman, of humble origin, with a "poor" name and New Jersey accent (mother of Italian origin, Irish father), Kellyanne incorporates the elation-haunted crowd that pushed Trump to the presidency.

Stop that audience, they worked for her until the reckless reactions she provoked for her day-of-the-possession clothes, a flashy Gucci tricolor coat and no respect for the rule that no one should wear more than one red accessory (Kellyanne soon used three: Hat, gloves, and bag). Perhaps she was influenced by the patriotic characterization, like Supergirl, that used in a celebration party of commemoration of the victory of Trump   
Created by her mother, grandmother, and Italian aunts forever in an apron before the stove, after her father disappeared from the scene, Kellyanne was Queen of Bilberry - and champion of packing the purple berries on the plantation where she worked during the holidays. She was a brilliant law student and at age 28 she opened a research company on trends and behavior in the feminine world that brought her closer to politics.

He entered Trump's campaign at the most sinister moment, when all seemed lost, and gave vital advice: he should not lose the authenticity that had brought him here and produced so much popular enthusiasm.
I do not play golf and I do not have a lover, as I see so many politicians do, "she said when asked how she would have time for her children. A very dangerous statement, considering that Trump plays golf, usually in his own fields. Anyone who speculates about the mood of Melania Trump, based on photographs of the possession in which she appears with the expression of a model will want to make other conjectures.

Amid the tumult of the early days of the new government, Kellyanne brought to Tom Brady, the husband of Gisele B√ľndchen, for the fight. Brady, the most famous quarterback in the United States, is in the famous football championship final and, because of a disguised friendship with Trump, has been bullied by the opposition. Kellyanne said the president is grateful to loyal friends who are capable of carrying "verbal shrapnel" by him. The couple would probably prefer to stay out of this.
As Trump's avatar, Kellyanne is hated by the opposition and ridiculed in humorous programs. It balances the strident style - common to the "blonde advocates" who have become conservative advocates on television shows - with unabashed gentleness in the deal and the almost robotic smile of those who know that hitting and picking are part of the same movement.

Trump, who uses possessive pronouns as often as Barack Obama used the most important personal pronouns (me, me, and me), has already called her "my Kellyanne." Must have loved the story of the guest punched at the ball for misbehavior. It would be nice if you also got a flea behind your ear
by Vilma Gryzinski

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