Sunday, February 26, 2017

Alderman proposes a break for sex during working hours in Sweden

In the city of Övertorneå, the benefit would be granted once a week to the residents - and without a salary discount

While  in Brazil the working class is struggling to take paid extra hours, there in Sweden, in the town of Övertorneå, they are proposing a break for sex during working hours - and without deducting anything from the salary.

The "benefit" was an idea of ​​the Swedish councilman Per-Erik Muskos, who says that the goal is to improve the balance between work and personal life, in addition to increasing the birth rate in the municipality.
Does it look bizarre? Not so much. This sort of thing may even be common in Sweden, one of the most investing countries in the well-being of its inhabitants. There, there is 480-day parental leave and even a sacred coffee ritual in the middle of the day, known as fika, in which people stop their activities for a moment of relaxation.
In presenting the proposal to members of the city council, Muskos argued that the measure would be an added spice in marriage and improved the self-esteem of employees. "Sex is also a good way to exercise and has positive effects on well-being," he added during his address to local media. The suggestion is for people to take an hour a week to go home and have sex with their partners.
The motion should be voted on in the spring (between May and September) and needs a simple majority to pass. In the small town of 4.5 thousand inhabitants, opinions are divided between those who find the suggestion ridiculous and misplaced, those who support the idea and those who find the situation, at least, amusing. Part of the population condemns the measure because they believe singles will waste more time on apps, like Tinder, looking for a date to spend their weekly interlude.
In an interview with The New York Times , Malin Hansson, a sexologist and reproductive health specialist in Gothenburg, said the initiative is valid as sex reduces stress, improves sleep, and enriches intimacy between couples. "I would present this across the country," he added.
Still in the support team, Lotta Dellve, a professor in the sociology department at the University of Gothenburg, says her research shows that short periods of physical activity during work hours have many benefits, including productivity. "And these activities could include sex, why not?" He asked.
In opposition, another councilor of Övertorneå, Tomas Vesdetig, questions the idea of ​​Muskos. He believes the proposal is intrusive and may embarrass people who do not have sex partners, who do not have sex or who have medical conditions that prevent sex. "And also, I find it embarrassing for a boss to get an employee and say," Go home for an hour and make babies, "he said.
The move suggested by Muskos comes at a time when Europe is struggling to bring people better quality of life. In France, for example, it has already been agreed that workers must complete 35 hours a week and have the "right to disconnect" - in this case, the law requires companies with more than 50 employees to ensure that work does not interfere with the days off. Your employees.
Last year, Sweden appeared at the top of a ranking created to know which countries contribute most to the good of humanity, the Good Country Index . The analysis covers 163 countries, which are evaluated in seven categories: "Health and Welfare", "Prosperity of Equality", "Planet and Climate", "Science and Technology", "International Peace and Security", "World Order" and "Culture". Brazil was in the 43rd position.

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