Saturday, March 4, 2017

Barack Obama says he never ordered American citizens to be spied on

A spokesman made a statement after Trump said that his phones were stapled during the campaign by order of the predecessor.

    mer President Barack Obama has never ordered US citizens to be spied on, a spokesman said on Saturday.
The statement seeks to deny and classifies as "simply false" the accusation made by current White House occupant Donald Trump . Earlier, he had stated that his predecessor had his phones stapled during last year's election campaign. However, he did not offer evidence.'

ouse official ever interfered with any independent investigation conducted by the Department of Justice," Obama's spokesman Kevin Lewis said in a statement.
"As part of this practice, neither the president nor any White House official has ordered to spy on any American citizen. Any counter-suggestion is simply false."
On Twitter, Trump had written, "Terrible, I just heard that Obama made wiretaps at Trump Tower just before the victory, that's McCarthyism."
He also said, "I would bet a good lawyer could file a case for the fact that President Obama tapped my phones in October before the election!"

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