Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Trump bid for Nobel Peace Prize would be fraudulent

The Nobel laureate announced on Wednesday that it had filed a complaint after receiving a "certainly fraudulent" statement from US President Donald Trump to the Nobel Peace Prize.
"We have good reason to believe that an application we received concerning Trump was falsified," Olav NjĂžlstad, director of the Nobel Institute, told AFP.
He did not give more details, leaving the resolution of the case in the hands of the police.
As is the case every year, Nobel Peace Prize nominations should be deposited by 31 January. Only a few personalities are able to propose names, among them parliamentarians, ministers, ex-winners, some university professors, etc.).
Although the list of nominations has been kept secret for 50 years, the Oslo Peace Research Institute (PRIO) said in early February that the current White House guest is among the nominees.
Hailed for his "ideology of peace by force," Trump would have been - just as last year - proposed by an American who does not want to divulge his identity, according to the PRIO, an independent organization of the Nobel circle, in particular with regard to publicly announced indications.
It seems, however, that this statement was made by a person who has usurped an identity to give him an apparent legitimacy.
The Nobel Institute said it had received 329 valid Nobel Peace Prizes this year, including those advanced by the five members of the award committee. They are also allowed to propose names at their first annual meeting, which took place on Monday (26).

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