Friday, March 2, 2018

New Russian missile will "cripple" US shield, provokes Putin

In an event in Moscow, Russian President Sarmat (SS-X-30 Satan-2, according to NATO), intercontinental missile capable of carrying 10-15 nuclear warheads

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday presented nuclear weapons such as the Sarmat ballistic missile with "virtually unlimited range" and "cripples" the US missile shield.
"No one in the world has anything like it for the moment. It's a fantastic thing! "Putin said during the State of the Nation speech.
The speech was accompanied by videos projected on a screen with infographics of the trajectory of the missile flying over American territory and test images of these rockets.
"I insist, no country in the world today has the weapons we have. End of the interview, "saying that from now on" the American anti-missile system will be useless and will not make any sense. "
He added: "Before we had the new weapons systems, no one listened to us. Listen to us now! "He said.
In addition, Putin assured that if in the future any country can develop weapons like Russia, "by then our boys will have invented something more."
Sarmat (SS-X-30 Satan-2, according to NATO) is a heavy intercontinental missile capable of carrying 10-15 nuclear warheads.
"Our foreign colleagues, as you know, put a remarkably threatening name, Satan," he said.
Putin also revealed that the Russian Army already has since last year "complex with laser weapons" and "hypersonic weapons", and cited the new cruise missiles that have an unlimited range.
"I did not show all the weapons we have. For today, that's enough. I believe that everything that has been said in my message serves to calm any potential aggressor,

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