Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Trump Government sues California state for immigration laws

The government of the United States presented on Tuesday a lawsuit against the state of California for several immigration laws that challenge the policies Donald Trump and, in his view, violate the Constitution, reported local media outlets.
In the lawsuit, US Attorney Jeff Sessions has asked a federal judge to block three laws passed in California in recent months that restrict local police cooperation with immigration authorities.
The Trump government believes that these three "sanctuary" laws prevent immigration agents from doing their jobs and thus deporting illegal immigrants with a background. These laws, according to the lawsuit, "reflect a deliberate effort by California to obstruct the application of federal immigration law in the United States."
Among the laws in question are: one that limits local and state agents from sharing information about immigrants suspected of the crime unless proven to be criminals. The second legislation prohibits employers from giving access to immigration officers to documents on employees without a court permit. And, lastly, the state is allowed to monitor the work of immigration.
The lawsuit represents Trump's biggest offensive to the state of California, which because of its size and clear democrat dominance has become a major counterweight to the president's policies, especially in immigration.
Sessions is expected to announce Wednesday the filing of the lawsuit during an act with law enforcement officers in California. The lawsuit is especially directed at California governor Jerry Brown and state attorney general Xavier Becerra .
Brown already called the "political maneuver" of the Trump government and said that Sessions arrives in California to "further divide and polarize the United States." Becerra, on the other hand, defended the constitutionality of the Californian laws and said that local and state entities "have the right to determine which policies are better" for them.
The largest cities in the country, Los Angeles , Chicago, and New York , among many others governed by the democratic opposition, have adopted such policies that primarily limit the flow of information between their police officers and immigration agents.

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