Friday, April 13, 2018

3 rules to always have money

More than keeping the account in the blue, we want to have a financial reserve to cover unforeseen, realize dreams ... Check the essential steps to get there:

1. Take out your debts fast   
No thing to throw them forward, as fines and interest can leave the debt even higher. The secret is not taking a step higher than the leg, ie, not take on an indebtedness impossible to pay. So as not to get cold again, stay within your budget.
2. Save a little more  
If each month you increase your monthly savings by 1%, after 16 years you will have quadrupled your sock feet. For example: today you save 5% of your salary. Next year try to save 6%, the next 7% and so on. In 16 years, you will have four times more money saved than if you had kept the initial economy.
3. Live today
If you have difficulties managing your money and you end up losing in the middle of so many accounts, change the strategy. Instead of buying something now and paying only later, reverse the game: save before buying to cash. So you never accumulate debt.

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