Friday, April 27, 2018

UNITED STATES warn that will hold immigrants who cross the border

On Tuesday, Central American immigrants began arriving by bus to a shelter that is five minutes walk from the border

Tijuana – hundreds of immigrants from Central America who are part of a caravan that crosses the Mexico met again in Tijuana on Wednesday and planned to cross to the United States together next weekend, defying the threats of arrest and expulsion from the American President, Donald Trump.
The arrival of immigrants can commit a series of conversations for the renegotiation of the North American free trade agreement (Nafta), a treaty that Trump comes threatening discard if Mexico does not suppress the flow of Central American immigrants in your territory.
The U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielsen, said that your agency is monitoring the Caravan and sue anyone who among your country illegally or make "a false immigration claim.
On Tuesday, the immigrants began arriving by bus to a shelter that is five minutes walk from the border and which see fly a flag installed on a Causeway linking the two Nations.
Minutes after landing, some sat in front of the shelter with pots of food, looking at the road that goes to the US.
"The wall does not seem so loud," said Kimberly George, Honduran girl of 15 years, pointing in the direction of the barrier situated just a few metres away. "I really want to cross it."
The immigrants said they had escaped from their homes in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras because of death threats from gangs, the murder of relatives or political persecution.
Going from town to town, the caravan became a stone in the shoe of us-Mexico relations after Trump published a series of Tweets in early April by pressing Mexican authorities to detain immigrants.
Volunteers from the Group Sin Fronteras, Pueblos which is headquartered in the United States and organized the caravan, sought immigrants to debate a plan to cross the main pedestrian bridge toward u.s. territory together on Sunday.
Tensions erupted after a Mexico's immigration authority suggested that they follow in smaller groups to the border before the immigrants have the chance to meet closer to the end of the week with regimented immigration lawyers at Pueblos Sin Fronteras.
In Washington, the Mexican Foreign Minister, Luis Videgaray, met with Kirstjen to discuss the immigration from Central America, informed your folder in a statement. He told the Secretary that Mexico will take their own decisions "sovereign" on immigration and that your cooperation with the USA is dictated by Mexican interests.

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