Friday, May 11, 2018

The class of happiness

Yale University offers a course that teaches you how to be happy practicing gratitude, kindness and intimacy. He is the most wanted in 378 years of American institution

It is true that there is no formula for happiness, but there are ways described by science to improve well-being. They are the basis of the course that began to be taught at the beginning of the year by psychologist Laurie Santos at Yale University (USA) and quickly became the most wanted man in the history of the 378 years of the institution. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the main auditorium of the University lota to hear the lessons of Laurie. "The students realized that the culture of stress, overwork, is very harmful," said the psychologist to ISTOÉ. "That explains the search beyond what we expected."
The classes teach that happiness has less to do with circumstances of life, how to get a good salary, and more with the daily practice of actions that have proven scientifically effective. Things like increasing social connections, remember the good aspects of your life, sleep 8 hours a night, meditating and exercising. "It is not enough to identify what makes us happy. It takes practice. Otherwise, nothing changes, "says Laurie.

In the course, the students know the brain changes promoted by the sense of well-being that are processed from daily actions. With the scientific consistency behind the data, it becomes easier to understand goers how behavior affects the brain function and vice versa. "I understand how human cognition guide the way we feel," says David Lemos Sao Paulo da Silva, 21 years old, enrolled in the schools of computer science and psychology. "We have myths about what we think will make us happy, like money, marriage. Actually, it's the kindness, gratitude, health, sense of community, intimacy. "
Students should list daily five good things that happened on the day. "I do this", says the Portuguese João Cardoso, 18 years. Student of Astrophysics, he learned how to make new friends is important. Following the guidelines of the school, found a great company on colleague Julia Sanderson, student of economics. "I met her at 5 A.M., in the laundry room. Became a great partner, "he says.

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