Friday, May 4, 2018

Trump increasingly tangled in scandal by paying the adult actress
   "I'm not changing any stories," said Trump on Friday to a journalist who asked him the reason changed your version

contradictory Versions and explosive revelations: more and more convoluted by the scandal Stormy Daniels, Donald Trump was forced to present your defense on Friday in a case that threatens to become another headache.
Asked by the press for his recent statements and those of a legal counsel about the case of adult actress who claims to have had an affair with the President in 2006 and received a payment of $130,000 to not reveal it, Trump denied being changing the version of the facts , accusing the media of spreading "garbage".
Daniels, whose birth name is Stephanie Clifford, claims to have received the payment under a confidentiality agreement to silence your supposed relationship with Trump, who would have happened when the magnate was already married with Melania, your wife. Michael Cohen, the President's personal lawyer, admitted to having made the payment to the actress before the November election, 2016.
Until now had denied knowledge of this Trump payment, admitting only that Cohen the represented in litigation against Stormy Daniels.
But then there was Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of New York and new Member of the White House legal team, with explosive declarations.
In fact, Giuliani declared on Wednesday to Fox News that the Tycoon had repaid Republican Cohen "for several months". Later, Giuliani told the New York Times that Trump sent 460,000 and 470,000 dollars between Cohen to repay the amount given to the actress, as well as "secondary expenditure", without giving further details.
' Garbage '
On Thursday, visibly upset, the President radically changed strategy, assuming it has the famous $130,000 to Cohen.
In a series of Tweets explaining in a calm tone, in contrast to the often angry style your, Trump noted that Michael Cohen "received a monthly advance for fees and that" this amount, therefore, has nothing to do with the campaign. "
Although taken by surprise the White House, aides to Giuliani's confirmation that Trump has Cohen with your money sought to defuse accusations that the payment to the actress came from campaign funds, which would be a violation of the laws about election finances, as some critics of the President had begun to consider.
But Trump said that Giuliani still "have to understand well the facts" and denied a change in your version of the case.
"I'm not changing any stories," said Trump on Friday to a journalist who asked him the reason your changed version.
"The only thing I'm saying is that this country is running smoothly. And bring this kind of garbage and those witch hunts all the time ... that's all you want to talk ", released.
"When Rudy made this statement-Rudy's great-, Rudy had just begun (in your post at the White House legal team) and was not fully aware of everything," he explained.
After experts said that Giuliani, our federal, had put at risk the legal position of Trump with his statements, the new General Counsel of the White House tried to go back with your comments.
' I didn't do anything wrong '
This storm grows while Donald Trump remains under the gaze of Robert Mueller, the Special Prosecutor in charge of the investigation into a possible collusion between the Trump campaign team in 2016 and to Russia.
On Friday, the President claimed to be willing to talk to Mueller, but only if it is treated with "fairness".
"I'd love to talk to him because I didn't do anything wrong," he told reporters at the White House. "But we have to ensure that I will be treated with justice," he added.
Also put in doubt the integrity and impartiality of Mueller, reiterating your assessment that the Prosecutor's team "there are 13 people  who are all Democrats." "Bob Mueller worked for (Barack) Obama for eight years," he said, in reference to your predecessor.
Robert Mueller was appointed head of the FBI in 2001 by Republican George w. Bush (2001-2009), and left the American Federal Police in 2013, during the Presidency of Democrat Barack Obama (2009-2017).
Trump and criticize the White House for months the investigation of Special Prosecutor, and several representatives close to the President have been questioned as part of the investigation.

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