Friday, August 10, 2018

Former Trump adviser says he has written racist statements by the president

Recordings will be released in a book; Former employee says US agent team offered monthly payment in exchange for her silence
Omarosa Newman, former advisor to the president of the United States Donald Trump, recorded in secret several incriminating conversations he had with the tycoon, either personally or by telephone, according to published on Friday 10 various international media.

Manigault Newman was one of the most prominent black female officials at the top of the White House. Second, in the recorded conversations, Trump is extremely racist.

The recordings will be released in his book Unhinged  ("Unbalanced"), which will be released next week, according to Daily Beast.

According to the Washington Post, Manigault Newman tells in her book that Trump's team offered her a $ 15,000-a-month contract to silence the recordings, but she declined.
After participating in the 2004 reality show presented by Trump,  The Apprentice (The Apprentice) , the broadcaster NBC, Manigault Newman has turned into one of that reliable multimillionaire, did not hesitate to put it in his government when he became Presidency of the country, in January last year.

She has held the post of Communications Director for the White House Public Affairs Office until her resignation in December for reasons that have never been clarified.

Since then, Trump's former confidant has turned into his nightmare. In several statements, he hinted that the contents of his book might demonstrate, among other things, the racist nature of the president.

According to the Guardian newspaper, which had access to an early copy of the work, the former adviser states in her book that Trump constantly used the word " nigger " during the recording sessions of his television program. The term is considered an extremely derogatory and offensive way to refer to blacks in the United States.

According to the British newspaper, Manigault Newman also describes how Trump addressed himself to the husband of his advisor Kellyanne Conway, who is of Filipino origin. According to her, the president referred to the foreigner as "fucked, flip ! unfair! fucked goo-goo ! ".

Both " flip " and " goo-goo " are two disparaging expressions used to attack the Filipino community in the United States.

A spokesman for publisher Simon & Schuster, who was responsible for the publication of the former adviser's book, declined to confirm the existence of Trump's recordings of the Daily Beast. However, the official of the publisher assured that the company is convinced that the author "can substantiate" the narration of his passage through the White House.

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