Saturday, February 23, 2019

Meghan Markle's luxury trip to New York provokes criticism

A luxurious escape from Meghan Markle, wife of Prince Harry, New York has sparked a small earthquake in the UK, where the royal family struggles to avoid any sThe Times reported that after this wave of outrage there may be a cultural misunderstanding.
"For some Brits, the simple concept of 'baby shower' - an American import - seems inappropriate," the paper wrote. "It's vulgar and stingy," said another Internet user at Mumsnet.
Numerous celebrities paraded on Wednesday for the five-star hotel where the party happened, loaded with gifts for the future baby, who will be seventh in the order of succession to the throne of England. Among the guests were attorney Amal Clooney and tennis star Serena Williams.
The superstar couple formed by Beyoncé and Jay-Z congratulated the future mother on social networks, wishing her "a lot of happiness".lippage that could affect their image.
The expenses of this trip, to celebrate a baby shower with her friends, made the eyebrows of the British, even if it has not been paid with public money.
The suite at The Mark Hotel, where the Duchess of Sussex stayed, costs $ 75,000 a day, several British media reported. And the expectant mother, seven months pregnant, returned to the UK on a private plane, despite her public support for the fight against climate change.
"Is it possible to be a philanthropist in public and live as a Roman empress in particular?" The Daily Mail tabloid said Friday, wondering what Queen Elizabeth II thinks of this "extravagant journey".
In addition, some fans of the 37-year-old former American actress, generally praised for her simple, laid-back style, expressed her disapproval.
"You can not put yourself at the level of normal people and then fly to a 'baby shower' at an enormous cost, without expecting criticism," wrote a Mumsnet user, an online forum for young mothers.

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