Monday, January 15, 2018

Switzerland prepares for 'violent' acts against Trump in Davos

NEW YORK, 15 JAN (ANSA) - Following confirmation of the presence of US President Donald Trump at the Davos World Economic Forum, Swiss officials warned of a "violent" wave of demonstrations against him.   
"Within the framework of the next Davos Forum [between 23 and 26 January] and after the announcement of the visit of the American President, Donald Trump, an unauthorized demonstration was announced," the Swiss authorities told the press.   
On Wednesday (10), the NGO Campax filed a petition against the visit of the American leader and titled "Trump is not welcome - stay out of Davos." The lawsuit criticizes the tycoon's "inhumane politics," calling for a "World First" vision, not "America First", the Republican's campaign slogan.   
"The president of the United States used racist, Islamophobic, sexist, misogynist phrases. It denies climate change and carries out a policy that worsens poverty and inequality, "the statement said.   
"We will be happy to reach 10 thousand or 30 thousand signatures," said group president Andreas Freimuller.   
According to the US newspaper ABC News, the organization has asked Zurich airport for permission to perform a "no-welcome" act when Trump arrives. The Davos Forum brings together world leaders, entrepreneurs and politicians, as well as journalists and intellectuals, who discuss the most pressing issues for the planet's economy, such as health and the environment.   
At the 48th edition of the event, the agenda will be "Creating a shared future in a fragmented world", and participants should discuss issues such as the migratory crisis and the exit from the United Kingdom of the European

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