Monday, March 19, 2018

Is the king naked and committing sincerity or are they court intrigues?

Trump is talking even more about what is on his mind, leaving his foes out of control. So it helps to have a brief summary of the events

From all the sources of information of the planet spouts news and commentaries on the last madness of Donald Trump. Here are some examples.
He'll ask for the head of Robert Mueller, the special prosecutor who investigates him (though he pretends to be something else), which will lead inexorably to impeachment.
It will demand the death penalty for drug traffickers who devour American lives, synthetic opiates, which will inexorably raise the United States to the current Philippine level of Rodrigo Duterte.
It will lay off a lot of people from the top tier even through Twitter, which will inexorably create new martyrs (Goldman Sachs' Gary Cohn and Exxon's Rex Tillerson, treated as predatory sharks when they entered the government, turned out prodigies).
Not counting the trade war that will destroy the American economy and the North Korean issue, which will end in unconditional surrender (of Trump) or nuclear war.
To try to distinguish what is twisted from what are facts, so fleeting in the current scenario, let us try a quick summary of recent events:
1- Trump did not fire Andrew McCabe to get revenge. Which does not mean he stopped influencing and commemorating the resignation of the deputy director of the FBI within two days of the voluntary departure that would give him access to the retirement fund.
Fired for lying during an inquiry into leaked information to a reporter, according to an FBI internal investigation, McCabe should not even have been in the position he held due to serious ethical conflicts.
His wife, pediatrician Jill McCabe, has been a candidate for the State Senate of Virginia for the Democratic Party in 2015. He received nearly $ 500,000 from one of the groups that raise the bulk of the money for election campaigns, called PACs.
Campaign funding was coordinated by Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, the Clinton couple's close friend and coordinator of Hillary's first presidential campaign.
The call should have been enough to prevent Andrew McCabe from becoming the head of investigations into possible crimes or misdemeanors committed by Hillary when he was Secretary of State, using a private server to exchange emails, which violates security regulations and transparency.
2 - Who wants revenge is McCabe, now in double with the former chief, James Comey. The two are planning to overthrow Trump and hint at what his weapons are: notes made after meetings with the president, indicating that he used terms that could be considered obstruction of justice.
It was one of those memos ("fake memos," in Trump's typical definition) that James Comey leaked to a law professor, "friend," who was to hand him over to the press.
Because of Comey's memo, Robert Mueller, another former FBI director, has been given the task of investigating a possible illicit association of members of Trump's campaign with Russia's intelligence service.
3 - On being fired, McCabe said he passed on information to a reporter about the investigation involving Hillary Clinton "because she was one of the few people who was allowed to do it."
"It was no secret and others, including the director, knew of the interaction with the reporter."
Trouble: James Comey has already sworn an oath at a congressional hearing that he never passed or heard of any leaks to the press about the investigations involving Trump or Hillary.
Such "interaction" can complicate his life.
4 - Andrew McCabe occupied one of the centers of power in the FBI where the impartiality demanded of the public agents seemed fiction.
There are indications that, for justified reasons, not yet revealed, or only political preference, he used the secret court that authorizes listening to US citizens on suspicion of espionage or terrorism to tape people around Trump.
Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, both senior FBI officials, were associated with him. As they were also lovers, they exchanged the frightening amount of texts typical of the lovers.
In these texts, they talk a lot that Trump could not win, and if he won, they already had "life insurance" - an insinuation that they could compromise him. All this was discussed with "Andy".
5 - The network of intrigues is increasing. Through the same texts, it has now been learned that Strzok was a friend of Judge Rudy Contreras, a member of the secret court that authorizes wiretapping.
Contreras is the judge who received the case of General Michael Flynn, forced to resign only twenty days after assuming Trump's National Security adviser position, for failing to disclose his legitimate contact with the Russian ambassador at the time.
Peter Strzok and Lisa Page combined to a dinner to be used as facade, in which he would talk to Contreras about the subject that interested him.
Those links explain why the judge has declared himself unable to continue in the case, but only after Flynn attended an audience with him and admitted to lying on testimony.
James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page may have been guided by the purest professional ideals. But that is not what you see in your actions, at least until now.
Nor is it reassuring that they were muffled away by Mueller, before there were indications that they politicized the investigations to favor Hillary and injure Trump.
6. Trump is actually freer to say what he thinks, as if he were no longer an expert in bombastic opinions. The warming of the economy and the situation of almost full employment cradle their self-esteem and increase the already habitual behavior of high risk.
Speaking to the New York Times, which devotes itself full-time to Trump's fall, Republican Rep. Peter King said, "He's really more at ease, believe me if you can."
"I would say it's a combination of being more at ease and also feeling frustrated by the fact that you feel that much of what you have not been able to do so far is because you did not let it be Trump."
Caught up by an investigation whose results are still unknown, hated by a part of the population, ridiculed by the vast majority of the press (the cover of New Yorker magazine is just an example of how there are no limits when it comes to Trump), threatened with loss of the Republican majority in the House next November and with a former lover and porn star threatening to tell everything, Trump resolves to be more Trump than ever.
"Why does Mueller's team have 13 hard-line Democrats, some big Hillary Bandit supporters, and zero Republicans?" He tweeted. "Does anyone think that's fair?"
Sincerity may end in impeachment or something else that only Trump can see on the entropic horizon. It's getting more and more exciting to keep up with the moves.

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